Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Trek into Waipi'o Valley

A few weeks ago we did a hike into Waipi'o Valley to get a glimpse of the stunning 2,000 foot waterfall. It was quite a trek (there was lots of swimming through rivers and shimmying past fallen longs and across piles of boulders) so we were grateful to tag along with friends who had done the hike before.

Our fearless leaders.

The "entrance" to the path. No way I would have ventured down this on my own. Waipio valley is notorious for protective locals- they don't like people trekking through "their" valley and the trails are often difficult to find and stay on.

Exhausted at the destination. (I held up the back of the line and was covered with cuts, bruises and mosquito bites by the time we emerged. )

This incredible view was the payoff. There was also a small overhang where we took turns jumping into the pool of gloriously cool freshwater.

This move to Hawaii has not been a piece of cake. For me, it has been accompanied by a great deal of unexpected anxiety and fear. Experiences like this one force me to push against those barriers. Most fears and worries are without real merit and I never want to be the sort of person who lets them stop me from experiencing something new and exhilarating. Special thanks to my husband for his patience and to our new friends- their enthusiasm is contagious and I never want to be left behind when there is an adventure to be had.


ArtSnark said...

lovely pics - looks like an amazing day!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Oh my goodness that is AMAZINGLY beautiful. My hubby and I love hiking so that looks like a dream come true.

Good for you for getting out there and not letting anything hold you back. That crushes anxiety! :)

Ian Oliphant said...

i love your last paragraph and really enjoy when i read of people overcoming their fears and "seizing the day", so to speak. what a tremendous journey..


Beautiful! Hang in there, you are doing awesome!

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