Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning

Editor's Note: Please swing by and check out the treasury here while it's still live on Etsy and, as usual, click on the images to go right to the listings. Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday Morning. Take your time getting up- it's meant to be a day of rest, after all!

Pour the orange juice- It will look incredibly vibrant in these glasses.

Paper straws are an old fashioned soda counter touch.

These lovely specimens are just the spot to rest those juice glasses.

Open up those blinds and let the day in!

Curl up in a comfy chair with lots of soft fluffy pillows.

Pick up a back issue of a favorite magazine to peruse while the coffee is brewing.

Strum a tune for your sweetie on this adorable two string guitar.

Admire the arrangement on your kitchen counter.

The coffee is ready at last! Enjoy a cuppa with a warm croissant slathered with butter and raspberry jam. (Yum!)

If you must change out of your pj's, be sure to hang something lovely from your earlobes...

And don't forget your handbag as you head off to the Farmer's Market to do a bit of grocery shopping. What a perfect morning it's been!

How do you like to spend your Sundays? This morning Eric is busy making waffles with freshly whipped cream, toasted almonds and coconut. The smell is wafting into my office as I type!


ArtSnark said...

Such a cheery post - love the avocado guitar!!

Spent today in the backyard & away from the computer (what a nice change)

Anonymous said...

such a pretty blog! these colors just make me happy!

Liza Jane said...

best post ever! love your style. many cheers, liza

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