Friday, August 07, 2009

Sail the Ocean in a Silver Plane

The latest finds for my Hawaii Beach house...These lasses need a bit of polishing up and then I'm considering whether or not to put them up in the shop. Sometimes it's a very tough call. Is it wrong to enjoy them in my house for awhile first?

P.S) My love affair with all things nautical continues. This little lovely just arrived in the mail and I adore it! Getting lots of compliments on it wherever I go. I'm also listening to this songon repeat. Have you got any fixations at present?


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Becky,
Blog and shop are terrific! Can't wait to start reading the Hawaii posts and seeing what treasures you find on the big island. I look forward to both. Best, extra best to youall and the New Adventure.

Anonymous said...

P.S. have been meaning to tell you to check this shop out:
can't imagine you wouldn't find something for the new casa

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