Friday, July 31, 2009

More Hawaiian Goodies

I can't believe I'm leaving for Hawaii in one short week. Though I've enjoyed spending time with family and friends here in Minnesota, it's been far too long since I've seen my wonderful man.

The boxes are filling up with the treasures I couldn't part with and I'm looking forward to unpacking and enjoying them all. But of course, there are always things you haven't got and daydreaming about them is half the fun of blogging. Each of these items would be perfectly suited to our new life on The Big Island.

These espadrilles
are the ideal beach footwear- simple, breezy and utterly relaxed.

A hammock made from parachute silk to string between two backyard palm trees.

A lovely pile of Turkish bath linens seem just the right weight for a tropical paradise.

These WWII Replica Motorcycle Goggles to wear aboard my new Vespa! (Eric bought me a blue one and I cannot WAIT!)

This Jacques Cousteau Poster Print from Wayne Pate would be perfect in our new beach house. What are you wishing for lately?


Laurie said...

Me, I'm wishing I could subscribe to Somerset magazines! I love that JC poster on the bottom!

panoptica said...

You're getting a Vespa?!?!?! That's real cool Becky... Enjoy it...

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