Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sailor

Her love affair with the sea began as a little girl. She loved to walk out into the waves and feel the strong current beneath her small body. The crash of the waves and the water rushing back out again, hissing and popping-Those sounds are always with her, making up the soundtrack of her life. (*Click on the images to go to the listings.)

This pendant was a gift to herself on the day she bought her sailboat.
This print hangs in her study, near her giant antique globe and shelves of books by Jacques Cousteau.

She tries to keep up on correspondence when on dry land. There is no mail on the high seas and her trips can last up to six months at a go.

These striped sailor shorts are just the thing to wear on a long sea voyage. Comfortable, fashion forward and that snappy blue and white that she finds irresistible.

Deck shoes are a must. No black sole marks on her lovely boat, thank you very much!

She has an extensive collection of ships in bottles, but this one is by far the tiniest!

This preppy pillow made from recycled sail cloth decorates her ship's bunk.

Learning to tie knots is an essential skill for any sailor. Luckily, they also make pretty bracelets to give as gifts when she returns home.

(P.S- See my other treasuries here and screenshots of my collections here.)


Amelia said...

Cute post! Love the striped shorts, deck shoes, and bracelet. This post made me smile this early morning. :)

ArtSnark said...

Fab pics! I just bought something at your etsy store - glad to find out about your blog. Great stuff here!

The Artist Behind A.N. Original Jewelry said...

What a fun selection of pieces! I really love the Ahoy! Card and the message in a bottle necklace! So cute! Thanks so much for including my work in your blog, it's very much appreciated!

reiter8 said...

I love her story! A very cute post and a sweet collection of nautical finds.

Maggie said...

I just love this post! Thank you so much for including my Captain print. I'm sure that he is quite honored to be hanging in her study.

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