Sunday, May 03, 2009

Craft it Forward!

I just saw this lovely idea over at Tilt's Creations. She was inspired by several other bloggers who have begun a "Craft it Forward" project. I've decided to join in the fun and send out some handmade goodies too!

I think I've mentioned before that I have some sort of multiples chip in my brain- I have a tough time making just ONE of anything and I've got all sorts of goodies waiting for good homes. (These, those and these are but a few!) So here's how this will work.

1) Leave me a comment describing an unexpected act of kindness, planned, executed or received by you.

2) E-mail me (thefabulousmissb(AT)gmail(DOT)com) your snail mail address. I won't be chasing you down, so don't forget and don't be shy!

3) I will put together a surprise package of handmade goodness just for you. (I will leave a cut off comment here when I've reached maximum capacity!)

4) You will spread the handmade love by tweeting and/or blogging about this little project and linking back here.

5) You will lovingly make and send five special handmade things to five lucky someones. (And so on and so forth! )

What do you think? Are you in?


Liberti said...

Does it count if I just sent my 5 surprises in the mail a couple of weeks ago??? See here:

This is such a fun thing - and a darling blog you have!

The Fab Miss B said...

This definitely counts! What a lovely blog!

Zommy said...
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Zommy said...

I am in! I am working on a craft-it forward right now for 5 friends. The first one is about to be executed for someone who is off to grad school... some pretty handmade notebooks and homemade mustard dipping sauce(her fav!)should serve her well. It is so much fun I will gladly sign up for 5 more!

stephrudolph said...

I'm completely in too! I've been needing some creative inspiration lately & this is a great idea! I will email you my address shortly. Woo Hoo!!

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