Saturday, May 02, 2009


Etsy has about a million innovative ways to shop, but one of my favorites is the pounce tool. I always leave mine set to "Undiscovered". What better way to welcome someone to Etsy than by giving them their first sale? Here are some of the latest lovelies I stumbled on.

A rainbow collection of crocheted coasters.

An amazing leopard print scarf- accessorized to the nines with the perfect hair do and shades!

Extra pretty paperclips!

Incredible head gear (that reminds me of Minnie Mouse!)

An imaginative paper bouquet (I think this would be such fun for a game of make believe or a bridal shower, don't you?)

A beautiful lemon yellow dress. (Perfect for frolicking in a field of daisies!) Come visit the treasury live on Etsy here (before it expires!) And let me know if you make a purchase! There might be a prize in it for ya!

What have you been discovering lately?

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