Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Seven silly little Things

I was tagged by the lovely artist and blogger Natsumi to share 7 tidbits, and since her drawing was so pretty, I thought I'd make one myself. (Click on my illustration to see it larger and to find out why I am afraid of pigeons. Ick!) I'm tagging:

Simply Sarah
Cherchant D'Une Hamac
The Explorer's Notebook
Mintage Home
Lobster and Swan
Lost Mitten
Spotted Sparrow

Make a post of 7 silly little things about you and then tag 7 other bloggers. Be sure to leave them a comment to let them know! If you're inspired to make a drawing, or photographs to go along, I think that makes it just a little more personal and fun.


raina said...

Aw, I miss Otis!

I'm so sad to hear that you don't like pigeons. It's really upsetting to me. I guess maybe it's because I love pretty much every kind of bird and none of them scare me (except maybe the concept of rehabilitating a golden or bald eagle).

I think you need to try holding and feeding a pigeon, they can be quite affectionate ;)

Also, I think I just might have to send you my book about Pigeons when I'm done with it.

Sorry about droning on about pigeons, you touched on one of my favorite things--wildlife and birds.

n a t s u m i said...

Hi Becky,
I really like your "Seven things"! Your illustration is beautiful!

I am not afraid of pigeons but some insects!!! And I am also afraid of spiders!! haha..

Your portrait is so cute!

The Fab Miss B said...

Of course I know that my fear of pigeons is irrational- I love bird watching and enjoy most birds- I just can't escape the feeling that they are flying rats! Eek!

raina said...

so you don't like rats either?? sad.

The Fab Miss B said...

Sadly, rats aren't my favorites in the animal kingdom either. I've got growing to do I suppose. No problems with snakes though!

raina said...

You and otis have that in common then--when we were babysitting a friends pet rats, otis intently stared at them. One of them began to yawn and otis jumped 4 feet in the air and ran from the room.

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