Thursday, September 25, 2008

Settling In

We're still getting settled in our new home and though I showed great restraint in my wardrobe selections for ranch living, I did decide to tote along my entire jewelry collection. The trouble was where to put it all.

This pretty armoire was already installed in the guest house.

So I took the liberty of turning it into a giant jewel box. (I must give credit where its due- this idea is stolen from my fabulous Mum. She has all her baubles on an ordinary foam board that she covered with a pretty poster using some spray adhesive.)

I just cut some ordinary cork tiles to fit into the panels of the armoire with an exact-o knife and added a few nails to hold it in place for good measure- those sticky pads that come with the tiles never seem to adhere for very long and I've got some heavy necklaces. (I actually added some screw in hooks for the heavier things in my collection.)

The bird above is one of my favorite purchases of all times- Its carved from an abalone shell and I bought it at Top Shop in London for ten pounds. I get compliments on it every single time I wear it. As you can see, I also greatly increased my pearl collection while living in China. Now that I can see all my treasures at once, I'm much more likely to wear them all. (Dare I suggest it will help me restrain myself when tempted by further jewelry purchases?)

How do you all organize your jewelry?


Kristin said...

Ahh. . . unfortunatley I don't! I keep the pieces I wear all the time on my dresser in a rose glass bowl inheirited from my Grandmother. The problem is it overflows all over the place. . . including into completely different rooms!

amy said...

Considering I make my own jewelry and have a lot of it, you would think I have it nicely organized, mmmmm, no. I have it in a bag all heaped together in a big jumbled mass. I have been meaning to get more organized for months. Sounds like a good excuse to buy a nice jewelry box.

coco+kelley said...

oh, that is genius!! i wish the doors on my closet would allow for this arrangement... i actually do have a few necklaces hanging from my little bulletin/inspiration board, but to be able to shut them away like that would be lovely!

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