Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Saigien Hong Kong!

Because of tightened visa restrictions as the Chinese prepare for the Olympics, this visit to Amy and Eric was our last venture into Hong Kong, but they made the trip a really memorable one. Here's a last look at what we saw.

The breathtaking view from Amy and Erik's balcony on the 67th floor.

Incense pot at the temple adjacent to the Tian Tian Buddha.

The flowers looked so lush in all the mist, I couldn't resist this picture.

The strangest most striking viney-crawly-mossy plant (that's an industry term, thank you very much) I've ever laid eyes on. It had wrapped itself around the entire tree like a string of very intricately strung Christmas lights.

I loved the vividly colored murals on the walls and ceiling of the temple...

But these massive silk lanterns were shockingly gorgeous. I want that! Not very Buddhist of me, I know. Thanks again for a splendid visit Amy and Erik!

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