Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Green Baby Shower for my favorite Granola Gal

I just heard the happy news that one of my dearest friends, Sarah, is expecting! And my delight multiplied when I found that she and I will both be in Minnesota at the same time in July! Katie suggested a summer shower and now we're busy making plans. Sarah wants an eco-friendly shower that reflects her and her partner's green lifestyle. Since they won't yet know the sex of the baby, she requested a gender neutral theme to include greens and oranges. These chic nature inspired, easy to personalize invitations from seemed like just the thing.

We've already enlisted my talented Mum to plan a menu of local, organic and vegetarian delicacies that would make Alice Waters proud. Mom has also volunteered her backyard for the shin dig, bless her heart, and directed me to a recent baby shower menu on the excellent cooking blog 101 Cookbooks.

I also love the idea of these green frosted cupcakes, which look to me like beautiful heads of lettuce. What could be more perfect for a party that's all about "green" and "baby"?

For eco-friendly favors, I think a packet of wild flower seeds would be the perfect thing. I'm imagining packing them in handmade tissue paper pouches like these?

Instead of balloons, crepe paper bottles and plastic pink and blue booties, how about floral arrangements in recycled tea tins? I've already got a stash of vintage ones like these...

Instead of landfill destined paper napkins and plates, pretty linen and china.

I'd love to make something myself for the new mom and baby, but if I run out of time, these beautiful handmade organic cotton baby blankets from Organic Quilt Company are definitely on my shopping list.


Delilah H. said...

I love all of these ideas! The invitation is great! I especially love the little tissue paper seed packets, and the tea tin idea!
I wish I had someone to throw a shower for! I'm pregnant but I don't think I could throw my own baby shower :(

sarah said...

Oozing with brilliance! You made so many of these ideas come to life! I learned so much from helping you plan the shower...and I used to think I didn't like showers! Now I can't wait for my gals to get married and make babies.

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