Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Riddance Michael and JoAnne!

My hatred for Michaels and JoAnn has been well documented on this blog. I hate the neon lighting, the linoleum floors, the clueless staff, the plastic bins filled with polyester "yarn", the rows of prefabricated wooden birdhouses, the scrap booking kits and the horrifying array of calico and sequined fabrics, useless except for transvestites and Halloween costumes.

Well, those creeps Michael and JoAnn are like the mean friends I had in junior high. History. Why bother with them when I can find a huge selection of cool vintage inspired textiles over at Repro Depot with a few clicks of my mouse? They carry Marimekko,Heather Ross and Ms. March. I can't wait to start whipping up dishtowels, aprons and p.j sets. Happy clicking!

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