Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Little Prince

I had to giggle when I thought about what this little book has gone through for me to enjoy it.

It is the story of a Little Prince who comes to the African desert from outer space to befriend a stranded pilot. It was written by French pilot Antoine de Saint Exupery, who flew all over the globe delivering mail. The year after it was first printed, he disappeared off the face of the earth while flying.

The manuscript was translated from French to English, the transcript was sent to China, it was printed, sent back across the sea to a warehouse in Kentucky and then delivered to me by mail in Arizona. I brought it back to China in my suitcase and read it on the subway surrounded by people who don't speak English. I am now sending it back across the ocean to a friend in Minneapolis. I think the Little Prince would definitely appreciate the strangeness of this scenario, and that makes me quite happy indeed.

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