Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Miss B's Bangle Bracelet Makeover

I bought this bangle bracelet at Anthropologie a few years ago. I love the look and feel of the stores and catalogues, but I've long felt that the quality of the product just isn't there. This bracelet was in the $100 range and the faux pearls had become scratched and peeled. So I took it to Luo Hu market to have it repaired.

They have a dazzling array of baubles, mostly pearls, coral and crystals, which they will string for you while you wait.

The choosing is fun, but the bargaining is definitely not.

I treated myself to a few other baubles; those pearl cluster rings reminded me of sea anemones and only cost about $4 U.S dollars. I also bought a pair of cuff links for Eric made from mahjong tiles.

The finished product doesn't look much different, but feels much heavier and will last longer. Total cost? $12 U.S Dollars. Hooray!

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