Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo Essay: Hong Kong Bird Market

We spent last weekend in Hong Kong with our new friends Amy and Erik and they went out of their way to show us the highlights of this great cosmopolitan city. One of our first stops was the Bird Market.

There is lots to buy at this market, but many bird enthusiasts bring their feathered friends along to get "air". Sometimes you'll even see old men "walking" their birds still safe in their cages.

Every sort of bird paraphernalia is available. These porcelain food bowls are much more elegant than their plastic Pet Co counterparts in the U.S.

There was also a stunning array of beautiful cages, though Amy told us about a friend who went to great lengths to hand carry one back to her beloved American bird only to have him chew through the bars like they were suet.

I think there is something quite sad about caging a creature that can fly, but these would look quite beautiful filled with orchids, don't you think?

The guidebooks all say that the value of the bird has nothing to do with its appearance, but instead with its song. Lovely thought, but I do wonder what the criteria are.

The most inspiring color combinations!They just take your breath away. I remember in Africa we saw a lot of Bee Catchers and they literally looked like flying jewels with those shocking colors.

Creepy crawly treats for these prized pets.

I only got a quick glance, but I could swear the middle cage there is carved from Ivory. Something tells me this little market had a bit of a contra banned underbelly...

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