Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crochet at the Beach? Why not!

I recently joined the Etsy blogger's street team, and this month's featured blog is A Cozy Life. While browsing through her Etsy shop, I realized that crocheted items are often unfairly relegated to the winter months. Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little crochet right this minute. (Just don't wear them all at once to avoid the death-by-yarn-look.) Here are my five summer crochet picks:

Ultra sexy white crochet bikini top and bottom from Verao.

I also love the idea of using recycled plastic shopping bags to crochet a funky, sturdy bag like this one from Cara Taylor.

Or this gorgeously crafted bag from Coumba. What careful stitches!

And this nautical striped lovely from Crafty Kathi just screams "BEACH BAG!" Think of everything you could fit in that! Old habits die hard, I suppose.

An adorable cover up from Funkie Fresh. (Nice styling on that photo, wouldn't you say? Makes me want to head to the beach immediately.)

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