Friday, March 21, 2008

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Inspired by this project, here's a little peek into my handbag. There appear to be two schools of thought regarding purse contents; one is minimalistic. I fall into the second category of those prepared for anything short of nuclear fall out. Clockwise from left.

My handbag is a "D&G" I scored at Louhu market here in Shenzhen. It is a really good copy and I wear it with pride knowing that it is fabulous. (I especially love the tassels and how it coordinates perfectly with the blond tortoise shell watch my mom gave me for my birthday.)

This little fan folds up quite small and has come in handy on more than one occasion here in sticky southern China.

My i-pod was a graduation gift from my Dad and I got the cool skin for it here. Its a wonderful way to tune out when I'm feeling panicky in a crowded subway car or grocery store.

Flents Earplugs for the airplane or loud shows.

In the past I only bought cheap shades since I'm constantly sitting on them or leaving them places, but I've had these for over a year. Maybe its time to graduate to a more grown up pair.

Shout wipes for the inevitable.

Kleenex since many Chinese public restrooms are frequently understocked in this department.

Band-aids made necessary by my fashionable but ridiculous footwear.

Splenda packets for my coffee since sugar substitutes are unheard of in China.

This pretty silver sparkley pill box is a new addition to my handbag medicine cabinet. I get a kick out of offering Advil around to my companions as one would with chewing gum.

Sugar Free Altoid Smalls are perfect purse stashing size.

Eye drops for the airplane.

My indispensable Burt's lip shimmer, balm and cuticle cream.

Always a smallish paperback floating around in there. Presently its this little foodie favorite.

My date book is strangely empty since we've moved to China. I've got so much more free time here! Every year I buy a super cheap paper date book from the drugstore and customize the covers myself. I'd love a more elegant one, but I really prefer to see the whole month at once and the leather bound ones are always one day per page.

This little tin notepad was a gift from Eric's mom. Its great for jotting notes and the whole thing closes with a tiny silver pen. Genius!

I mostly use my cell phone for texting. A friend bought Eric and I the same model in Hong Kong where the quality of the electronics is more, shall we say, reliable.

My camera comes with me everywhere (there is blog fodder on every corner in this crazy world) and it lives in this little pouch I bought on a trip to Mexico with two of my girlfriends just before our wedding. I like all the sparkles.

I bought this key chain at a market in Kampala. I love the giant copper coin dangling from the end. My Grandma always carries a swiss army knife in her purse and ever since high school I do too. I bought this one in Geneva and I use those tiny scissors all the time!

My coin purse looks suspiciously like Hello Kitty, but I like it anyway.

This tiny calculator comes in handy for quick currency conversions in the midst of heated negotiations.

My aqua blue wallet by has a wild red and white peppermint striped lining. It was a birthday gift from my wonderful husband.

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