Monday, January 14, 2008

Ben and Stephanie Manchipp

One of my finds while we were back in Minnesota was this little book simply titled "WHY; A Family Book of Knowledge". I'll confess that I bought it largely on the strength of these end papers by Ben and Stephanie Manchipp which I found so utterly charming.

Aren't they a wonderful melange of disparate things? I particularly love the man in the turban and the figure skater and the juxtaposition of the holly next to the Pharo's tomb. I think these illustrations would make fantastic wrapping paper or bedding for a child's room. I poured through it only to discover that most of the 200 answers to the Whys of the book were illustrated with photographs. And it looks like the Manchipp team aren't doing much book illustration anymore. But I still think these end papers were well worth the seventy five cent price tag.

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