Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Haba Toys for my Favorite Five Year Olds

Two of my favorite little friends are turning five real soon and so I've been hunting for something fun to send them. In the course of investigations I discovered this very cool German toy company called Haba.

Their toys looked so durable, cheerful and well designed that I knew I'd found what I was looking for. If I was a mom I wouldn't mind having toys as pretty as these scattered around our home. Don't you love these cherries?
And I know this Doner Kebab will make Eric's mouth water. He practically lived on them while he was living in Freiburg and still wishes he could.

They have lots of fabulous wooden toys for kids of all ages, but I chose The Bambini Flowers beading kit for her and Bambini Vehicles beading kit for him (with twins its important to double up!) that I hope they will enjoy, though their mom tells me that they are into lots of high tech toys lately. This is definitely low tech, but I think they'll still enjoy stringing their own little necklaces and showing them off at school.

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LandbridgeToys.com said...

Folks located in the USA are welcome to stop by and visit our new website. We carry a wide variety of Haba toys. If you don't see a particular toy listed on teh website, please let us know.


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