Saturday, November 17, 2007

When in Rome Watch Movies like the Romans Watch Movies.

1) In Nairobi, they played the national anthem before each film. There was an ancient little clip of the flag billowing and tinny music and everyone in the audience stood up respectfully with their hands over their hearts.
2)In Shenzhen they serve kettle corn instead of regular popcorn.
3)In Paris you can get a beer, and I'm not talking about in no paper cup either. I mean like, a glass of beer.
4)In Amsterdam ushers take you to your seat.
5)The most gorgeous movie theater I've ever been in was in Brussels. It was an ode to Art Nouveau; the walls were a gilded African jungle bas relief and the massive screen had rays stretching out from it to the ceiling, which was painted a rich midnight blue and dotted with gilded stars. It was brand new and had loads of stadium seating. Leave it to the Belgians to really do it up.

(But to tell the truth, my favorite place to watch a movie is still the Dollar Theater in Hopkins Minnesota which was the first theater I ever saw selling hot mini dough nuts. Best. Movie. Snack. EVER.)

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Brandon Till said...

Amen to Hopkins Cinema! I'd like to add to your list for England. In England seats are £8 (about $16) for regular seats. All the seats are assigned and for more money you can buy a premium seat that has more leg room and is in the more desirable part of the theater.

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