Sunday, November 05, 2006

I can't believe we leave tomorrow.

We saw Borat and ate more pizza than any human being should rightfully consume without having some sort of heart failure. We drank lots of champagne and loafed around reading about mosquitoes and transmission vectors and corrupt pharmaceutical companies. The stuff is packed, the new website announcements are in the mail, the sheets are in the wash, we have a million batteries and digital tapes, we have click-y pens for the little kids, we have tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles that are okay for the airplane, we have hiking boots and leathermans, we have our i-pods charged up and our camera cards emptied. We had brunch with my dad and Sue at the Sofitel (lovely, decadent, Marie Antoinette has got nothing on those cream puffs and eclairs...heavenly) We made phone calls and mailed things back to Skokie for Chris and sent out mass e-mails and printed our boarding passes and we are going we are really going, but it doesn't feel real at all.

1 comment:

david said...

good luck, give me a call when you get back to the U.S of A.

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