Saturday, September 09, 2006

This wedding is coming together. Hooray!

Glittered globes are done...they look amazing. Bouts and corsages are also done...looking gorgeous. I added sparkles to the ladies flowers and it was just the perfect thing they needed. Currently on the phone with Chase who has somehow managed to continue making my regularly scheduled online bill payments despite the fact that the account has been closed since the first of September. Sighhhhh. I hate these automated phone systems. (Does anyone like them?) Tonight we are tasting food for the wedding at the Loring. Should be really fun. The moms are coming along and I'm hoping we get some free champagne. Katie is also playing a show tonight at the Kitty Kat, so that should be fun. Perhaps we'll finally get to check out the Sound Gallery also. We are busy little bees. Last night we went to good old LaTuff's for pizza and beers. Love that place. Its this little hole in the wall in a strip mall by our house. The same two waitresses have been there for years and its a nice divey dive. Really amazing pizza too, and it is always packed. How fun to be home again and getting ready for our big party. Its getting closer all the time, but I think we are ready.

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david said...

you need to update your blog daily, how else will i know about "the adventures of becky and eric"

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