Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seeds: The Basis of Life!

Today we leave for Minnesota to take care of some more wedding details. Meeting with the caterer and setting the menu (I'm looking forward to tasting everything. What fun!) We are thinking of going out cake tasting too...just for fun. I want five little cakes so we can have a little of everything, a real cake picnic. I also have a hair appointment and we are checking out some bands also. Poor Eric has been helping me with the dress fiasco. The dresses my best girls liked are sold out everywhere, so we've been trying to find them on e-bay or who knows where. I guess its always something but I do think its going to be a fabulous party.

Yesterday E and I visited the Pompeii exhibit at the Field Museum. It was amazing to see all the casts of the bodies and the possesions that people grabbed in their last moments. They also had an exhibit called "Amazing Evolution" that was pretty cool. It basically walked you through the world's history and explained how life developed. Apparently, the egg and the seed were the most important developments. I love that. They are such simple things but they are the basis of life. So chew on that ladies and gents.

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