Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ranting about "The Shaggy Dog" which I gladly confess I have not seen.

I can accept that movies have to be made for children. Someone somewhere has got to do it, and god bless them for that. But when you see previews for a movie as heinous as this one looks, you have to wonder about the state of humanity. The premise of this film (if you are fortunate enough to not be aware of its existence) is that Tim Allen is somehow turned into a dog and then back into a man again. So, he looks like Tim Allen (and what a burden that is to bear), talks like Tim Allen (insert Tim Allen's famous grunt of consternation here) but he has all the mannerisms and attitudes of a dog (perhaps not so much of a stretch). What hilarity is bound to ensue! All sorts of drool jokes and tongue stunts that would make the Farrelly brothers squirm, plus lots of scratching at inappropriate moments. Yet, the thing I find most appalling about this movie is the fact that Kristen Davis plays the love interest.

Thats right girls, our beloved Charlotte from Sex and the City has chosen to be a part of this movie! Its more than I can bear. Why Charlotte, why have you shed all of your dignity and hope for the A-list? Why would you agree to be within twenty feet of a buffoon like Tim Allen? The man has built an entire career (and, a quite lucrative one, I would assume) on grunting! He really takes maleness to a horrible new low. I recalled that Kim Cattral followed Sex and the City with some sort of Disney movie about ice skating. It looked horrible and cheesy also, but at least she was able to salvage a little piece of her dignity. I mean at least she didn't have to tongue kiss Tim Allen! Well, I suppose its best not to dwell on this any longer than I have to. Let me know what you all think dear readers. I've just changed my comments section so that anyone can post, even if they don't have a blog themselves, so have at it.

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