Friday, March 17, 2006

A day of decadence: cake choosing, party planning, steak and sidecars

Spent the morning visiting with Katie and had a lovely breakfast with her and we picked a delicious looking chocolate birthday cake for Louise's big bash tomorrow. Its a Dora the Explorer theme, and Katie filled me in on the finer points of Dora and her gang. Also talked over her show from last night. It was a lot of fun to see her new band play. They are called "Parts for all Makes" and you can check out their my space profile on my page link below. Then we got her house ready for the party and headed over to visit with the folks at the Varsity Theatre.

What fun this wacky wedding will be. We have a photo booth for the par-tay and Jason is tracking down a Unity Gong so that we may gong our way into newly wedded bliss. He also suggested a little gong for Eric to carry around with him during the reception, and Katie made the charming suggestion that our guests sound the giant gong instead of clinking their glasses to have us kiss. Ah yes, its going to be bizarre and wonderful. We did expect to taste some food and set the menu, but it didn't actually happen. I suppose we were all a bit puzzled by that (and a little hungry, to be honest, since we thought we'd be eating our way through the meeting...) And Lynn also preempted our cake tasting, which I was a little pissed about. I mean, half the reason you go through with a wedding is working your way through the bakeries in the phone book trying to find the ultimate cake, right? I was sort of embarrassed to show the pictures I picked for food, because all seven pictures were of cakes...I guess I'm a big fan.

My mom and I spent the afternoon together rehashing Argentina...It seems that this trip was quite different from the last and it has her doing some serious soul searching. Exciting but anxious territory I think. I got some pretty Argentine soaps and a commission to make a painting on this cool paper she bought. I'll post a photo when I'm done.

Diane took Eric, Allison, Brent and I to dinner at Ruth Chris and I definitely overindulged in a delicious fillet with sauteed shrimp and a tall sidecar (or two). Eric, Diane and Allison all have b-days around the same time, so we were celebrating that and the waitress brought us desserts to really finish us off. All in all, a very lovely day filled with rich food, party planning, good conversation and people I love. What decadence! I feel like a Roman during the feast of Bacchus.

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jessica said...

sorry about the lack of cake picnic, its too bad you guys didn''t get to experience it. you know, those seeds look like eye balls. exciting.

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