Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TCB Means Taking Care of Business

Elvis had a personal crest of sorts; a lighting bolt emblazoned with the letters TCB. It stands for Taking Care of Business. Since reading Peter Guralnick's monumental two part biography of The King, TCB has become part of our household lingo. We've even created our own complementary phrase, TAB, which stands for Taking A Break. Eric and I like to joke that we're always doing one or the other.

For my 30th birthday, Eric presented me with a sterling silver replica ofElvis's own TCB design. The necklace is my secret good luck charm and I love to wear it under my clothes on days when I know I need extra stamina. There have been lots of those days lately. I feel like I'm moving at top speed from place to place, ticking task after task off my to do list. It makes me feel like Superman.

Do you have any household lingo? Or a little trick to make you feel invincible on days you know you're gonna need it?

1 comment:

Stacey Merrill said...

too cool. Have to admit to too much caffeine & getting some fresh air as my usual boosts.

Fun drawing - self portrait?

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