Friday, June 15, 2012

Visiting Eugene, Oregon: A Rough Itinerary Part II

Go to the park with your friend and her babies. This is a nice one. Watch the kids in swimsuits playing in the water on a chilly, overcast day while the grown ups looking after them are bundled in sweatshirts and scarves and marvel at the magical power of a water fountain.

Amble down a side street and admire people's gardens. Consider planting your lawn all in poppies and giving up mowing forever.

Pick a colander full of strawberries from Sarah's marvelous garden. Eat as many as you put in the bowl. Lie in the sunshine in the grass.

Watch your dear friend sharing her love of life with her baby girl.

Rock baby Charlie to sleep. Smell his little baby smell and feel his heavy little head on your arm. Fall crazy in love with him.  

Then take Greg up on his offer to babysit, hop in the car with Sarah and sneak off to Tuesday Boozeday at the Vintage. Have some delicious cocktails laced with homemade herbal and floral infused liqueurs. (They are lined up on the bar in a row of beautiful glass apothecary jars. Lovely.) Have a crepe stuffed with veggies and gooey cheese. Have another cocktail. Why not? They're half off on Tuesdays and you know you want to taste everything this world has to offer you. 

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