Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Toast To Fifteen Hundred Posts!

Mack Sennet Girls Posing in Serpentine Confetti from All Posters

Lest it slip by unmentioned, yesterday was my fifteen hundredth post. (One thousand was almost two years ago!) I've heard it said that taking up blogging to make money is like learning ventriloquism in order to meet girls.

It might not work.

Lucky for me, blogging holds intrinsic rewards. It's a way to catalog my inspirations and share my creativity. It keeps me thinking and making connections. In some ways this humble little blog is like Virginia Wolf's room in her famous essay "A Room of One's Own". It belongs entirely to me and in this one little corner I have the freedom to share whatever I like.

It's a place for me to practice everything- to test out new recipes, rant and rave about a wonderful or terrible film I've just seen, share a do it yourself project or consider how to embody my life more fully.

Along the way, my writing has improved, I've met wonderful people and I've built a room of my own. As I look around at it, I can see that it reflects what is best in me. There is whimsy and fun, but there is a search for meaning too. As I look at it, I can see the trajectory of my thinking and what moves me. It's thrilling. My little room has it's shortcomings, and yet it is something of which I am immensely proud.

Thank you for being part of what keeps me thinking, writing and sharing. It makes it so much more fun to share my room with you.



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