Monday, January 02, 2012

DIY with The Fab Miss B: Fancy New Year Party Favors!

We decided to throw an impromptu New Year's Eve Party this year (because we live in a small town and if you want fun after 9pm you'd better make it yourself!) and I whipped together some party favors to make it feel more glamorous and festive. I scattered these around our apartment with noise makers and confetti and lots of candles and that was all the decoration we needed.

I love making favors for smallish parties because you can go over the top in a way you never could if you were hosting 60-100 guests. Here's what I used to make my New Year Party Favors:

Foil Party Picks
Plastic Champagne Bottle Bubbles
Plastic Zebras(they are already dressed to the nines in those black and white stripes!) Look for them on Etsy.
Champagne Saucers. I found mine at thrifts shops and tag sales for around .50 cents a piece, but you could also try Etsy.
Gold Foil Wrapped Chocolates- mine are Dove White Chocolates, on clearance post Christmas!
I thought about twining the stems with the metallic garlands I had on hand, but in the end I decided they were overkill.

I only purchased the hollow stem champagne saucers because the foil picks stand at perfect attention when you slip them inside. So festive!

Then, I added the champagne bubbles at a jaunty angle, the zebras for a whimsical twist and the gold foil wrapped chocolates to bring sweetness in the New Year! Then I made little paper flags with a calligraphy marker & super skinny sharpie to finish them off.

We had a great time tooting and noisily welcoming the New Year here in Hawaii- everyone around here goes mad with fireworks and we were able to watch them popping and sparkling from our lanai. I'm excited for 2012- this year both Eric and I will celebrate our 30th Birthdays (!!) and we are hoping to take some more fun trips- perhaps to the Phillipines, or maybe we'll finally do that Airstream Trip I've been fantasizing about this summer. I can't wait.

What are you most excited about in the New Year?

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Marta said...

Hi! What a festive party favors! Can you believe a friend of mine gave those little champagne bottle bubbles in her wedding? What a coincidence! Right now I look forward to seeing the 3 Wise Men who will bring presents to children next Friday :)

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