Friday, November 25, 2011

Munching with the Muppets

Have you seen the New Muppets movie yet? Before we head out to the theater, we thought we'd brush up on The Film That Started it All: The Muppet Movie.

It was charming, of course. Also, wholesome, zany, silly, campy and wonderful. The film opens with Kermit sitting in the swamp singing Rainbow Connection, playing his banjo amid the whir of fireflies. A lost tourist (who turns out to be a Hollywood agent) tells Kermit that he is talented and should be making millions of people happy. Pretty soon, he's headed for California, and finding lost Muppets at every turn along the way. Your whole family will love it. (Animal is my favorite Muppet. Which is yours?)

While we watched, we munched on this fun party mix from O Magazine. The heat and spice of the Worcestershire and wasabi are balanced out by a sweet hint of honey. It's even better than Chex Mix. For real. We left out the cereal and did about half as much popcorn, but it was fabulous. Try it next time you snuggle up with a flick.

What is your favorite Movie Night snack?

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SymbioticLife said...

Hrrrmmmm that is a seriously interesting party mix. I'll have to take a look at the recipe and see what it's all about. It has me intrigued. I haven't seen the newest Muppet Movie. I always loved the grumpy old men who heckled everyone and everything. The chef and of course Kermit were also personal faves. I think I just rooted for Kermit because of how Miss Piggy was always either bullying him or chasing him. I think it might be worth breaking out the old one to show my kids. Ahhh you've brought back some memories hehehe.

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