Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Shopping For Little Old Moi!

I've been busy playing Elf on the internet this weekend, getting lots of Christmas orders in and wrapping up and packing things I've bought already. It's been lots of fun, but of course, I always get a little distracted with wishes of my own! Of course, tis better to give and all of that, but here are the things I noticed for little old me...

Cheery Cherry Candy Canes from Hammond's Candies. Butterscotch sounds delicious too.

These Vintage Birds Nest Earrings perfectly suit my new penchant for eccentric earrings. I love their tiny red eyes! Such detail in plastic is rare indeed.

I like the way this lumberjack plaid shirt is softened with a ruffle and feminine colors. The pink is my favorite. I'd pair it with super skinny dark jeans and a metallic blazer like this one. What do you think?
I love the fair-isle trend going on now, but the only way to follow suit in Hawaii is cute lounge shorts like these. I also love the unexpectedness of this pattern for bottoms. (And who can resist pom poms?)
For more fun with juxtapositions, this sweet ballet flat has a toe full of punk rock spikes to remind us that sweet girls aren't always nice. My mum snagged the grey pair, but I think this blush pink pair would work better with my wardrobe. (And then we can share, right Mum?)

Then, to put it all in, the splurgiest splurge of all. A sequined duffel bag that will add a little sparkle and shine to a long holiday weekend mini break. On sale, but not on sale enough I'm afraid. (This Jasper bag might be however! I especially love the white one, it reminds me of a Ludwig Bemelmens illustration.)

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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Jen @ A Touch of Lovely said...

Ooooh, cute picks! I'm loving everything fair isle right now too. Those shorts look so comfy!

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