Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Picking Attempted

If the blog is feeling a little woefully untended lately, it's due to all the fun we've been planning and having here in beautiful Minnesota. I am savoring all the beautiful colors, textures and flavors of fall. We took a visit to Apple Jack apple orchards when we first arrived with some of the Nelson ladies, including my charming nieces, Delaney (almost 1 year!) and Margaret (almost 3!).

The pick your own apple orchard had already been ravaged by the hoards when we got there, but Margaret and I went in search of them anyway. We called out "Apples, Apples, Where Arrrrre Yooooou?" but when none appeared, Margaret sagely said, "They don't want us to find them 'cause they know we want to eat them up!" Words of wisdom. We enjoyed watching several rounds of rotten apples being blasted out of the apple cannon instead, then retired to the cafe for some caramel apple sundaes. (Holy smokes, there is nothing quite like a crisp, tart, Haralson apple right from the tree, is there?)

What does fall look like in your neighborhood?

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