Thursday, September 15, 2011

Live without Coffee? You could. But why?

Have you ever tried to give up coffee?

I don't drink much- a cup in the morning, often only half a cup since I forget and leave it to get cold while I'm getting ready for my day. This morning, I had resigned myself to a cup of tea since Eric wasn't drinking any and I didn't want to make a whole pot just for me. But Eric noticed my bleary eyes (he says I remind him of a mole first thing in the morning!) and fixed me a pot just to be sweet.

It was twice as delicious as usual- after a sad watery lukewarm cup of tea, there was something about the buzz of the grinder and the tinkle of the machine filling with bubbling water, and the way the house began to fill with the rich warming smell of freshly brewing coffee, and the splurgy swirl of cream he added. I cupped it in my hands and felt the thickness of it, the complexity of the flavor and sipped the whole thing right down to the bottom. And then had another cup.

A great cup of coffee just has no equal. I don't know that I could ever give it up wholeheartedly. Do you drink a little, a lot or none at all?

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