Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Print Collection has Gone to the Dogs

In the same vein as yesterday's animal related post, I thought I'd share two pieces of art I've recently aquired for our new home.

I saw Michael Sowa's work for the first time in the film Amelie. Now this little fellow is hanging in our bedroom- the first piece I see when I open my eyes each morning. It makes me laugh. I love how the composition and lighting obviously refer to classical painting. It could be from the Renaissance except for the subject matter. I also love that it is cute, but the sweetness is cut with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Oh, his pathetic little frown! And of course, the cone of shame reminds me of Up.

I found this little fellow on a greeting card at my local post office (of all places!). It reminded me strongly of my Mum for some reason. She's a book lover, has that same gamine expression and once wanted badly to adopt a racing Greyhound. This piece works for me for all the same reasons above, though it is teetering dangerously close to the too cute line, I think the giant glasses redeem it. The difference between wit and pandering is slight.

They say it takes three to make a collection so I'm on the look out for a third piece of cool doggy art to add. (Despite being out of walls in this new apartment!) This French Bulldog perhaps?

Do you have any animal art in your house? Or a suggestion for my wishlist?

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