Monday, August 01, 2011

DIY with The Fab Miss B: Homemade Granola Gifts!

Have you ever tried home made granola? I started making my own when we lived in China since finding good cereal was impossible. It was so delicious (and so much cheaper and healthier) than the store bought kind that I've kept up the habit and make a big batch at least once a month. Once you get a basic recipe down, you can start improvising with whatever sounds good.

I recently packaged up my last batch of Maple Nut Granola in big re-purposed glass jars to give as gifts. (Martha's tasted a little too sweet to me so I used 6 cups of oats instead of her suggested 3.5.) I used pinking shears to trim scrap fabric to fit over the metal lids, secured them with rubber bands and tied a little ribbon over the top. Then I used one of these bistro chalk pens to label them. Who wouldn't love that sweet, nutty, homey little surprise?

Do you have a favorite home made food gift? What's your go to recipe?

1 comment:

Gwen Edwards said...

My husband makes the granola in our house, which I will always find funny. I do agree this is a great gift idea!

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