Sunday, August 21, 2011

Delicious Vegetarian Chile

Eric & I are doing the vegetarian thing again now that we are back in the kitchen. I was very liberal with substitutions, using this vegetarian chile recipe as more of a guideline. I figure if you start with onions, add garlic, cumin & chile powder and you pretty much always end up with chile. I added some cauliflower that I discovered in the bottom of the vegetable bin at the very end and it added a texture similar to that of ground beef. That massive Italian Parsley leaf seemed like just the right flamboyant garnish for such a bold rainbow colored dish.

What's the best dinner you've cooked up this week? Anything meatless in your repertoire?

1 comment:

Gwen Edwards said...

That's way weird, I'm making veggie chile right now. Looks yummy!

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