Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye, Harry Potter.

Have you read The Harry Potter Series? I finally read (and listened!) to them for the first time this year and was so moved by the story, which borrows so much from The Hero's Journey. It's about growing up, but also what it takes to conquer your fears, take ownership of your life and the magic that comes out of that. As this is the last movie, I feel as if I am saying goodbye to Harry for good this time and I feel misty about it. We've been watching the movies again and it really is extraordinary to watch these three people grow up on film. They've spent the greater part of their lives playing these characters- I wonder how that shaped the poised young adults they have become? Can you imagine how emotional you would feel letting go of those characters after so much time? No wonder Emma & J.K shed tears at the premiere!

Will you be seeing Deathly Hallows Part II today?

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Anonymous said...

Not today but soon very soon!
I too have been revisting the movies, my fave is number four?? the wizards cup competition where diggory is killed. I especially love the opening scene with the magic tent that's small on the outside, big on the inside.

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