Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Instead of Flowers this Mother's Day, Why Not Chocolate?

Have you already got your Mother's Day gifts ordered? If not, I have a suggestion! (I discovered these in last month's Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They suggested 'em for an Easter basket, but Mom will love them too.)

How sweet are these little bees from John and Kira's Chocolates? I love how glossy and stylized they are! The ladybugs are adorable too.

And these mice are awfully dapper too- I love their colorful little tails! (They're from Burdick Chocolates). Oh yes, they make Penguins too.

How are you celebrating Mom this year? I wish I could take both my Mum & Momma D out for a fabulous brunch, but greeting cards and phone calls will have to do this time.

1 comment:

ArtSnark said...

too cute! the only prob is some of us mom's need to lose a few & tasty chocos make that really tough - haha. I also recommend neuhaus & Leonodis - not cute but darn tasty (put godiva to shame)

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