Friday, May 06, 2011

Arranging Tropical Flowers with the Donkey Mill Art Center

Though my Dilly Lily days are but a distant memory, I still adore fresh flowers. The problem here in Hawaii has been figuring out how to arrange with the wild and exotic plants in my backyard. They are NOTHING like the dense, lush, gardeny flowers I worked with in Chicago.

They are all bold color, spikes, and drama!

So while my Mum was here I signed us up for a crash course in Floral Decadence with Scott Seymour over at the Donkey Mill Art Center. It was lots of fun and we learned a great deal about arranging with asymmetry.

One of the secrets was shaving the oasis into curving shapes that extended well beyond the container itself.

I created this trio of madness in matching silver pots to celebrate Easter.

Another secret was a "cocktail" for the cut flowers. He mixes 1 capful of vodka (as cheap a brand as you like!) with 1 gallon of cool water. Put it in a spray bottle and mist them gently as you are arranging and every day afterwards. It helps to preserve the flowers and gives them a little "lift" so to speak. (Wonderful stuff, vodka!)

Do you ever splurge on fresh flowers? What's blooming now in your neck of the woods?

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