Friday, April 08, 2011

Banishing the Blues: Five things I'm Digging Right this Second

As you may have guessed by the slow posting (and the melancholy tone of late!) I've got a little case of the blues. Nothing serious- it happens from time to time to us all, but I thought I'd write down five things I'm grateful for to banish them:

1) Thanks to our exciting news, I'm doing lots of daydreaming about cycling around Italy wearing a silk scarf and these shades. (Do you think they might mistake me for a local?)

2) A visit from my lovely Mum! She's the easiest house guest ever- perfectly content to sit in my sunny backyard, chit chat with me, cook up lovely nibbles and stick her toes in the sand.

3) I've been watching Jamie At Home thanks to my tivo and am crazy, madly in love with him. Everything about it is wonderful- his relaxed, confident style, the gorgeous ingredients, the extreme close ups of that gorgeous food moving and gooshing around on the plate, looking so alive and succulent, his slight and adorable lisp, his hobbit hole of a kitchen with bundles of herbs hanging from the earthen walls and mismatched crockery- even his preposterous hair- I love it all. I can't wait to try a few of his recipes.

4) I've just had an order for 20 Dachshund Party Dogs for a birthday bash in a few months. Doesn't that sound like a fun celebration?

5) I'm loving the instant collection of wooden Ukranian Easter Eggs I scored on Ebay. Their electric color palate pops against their shiny black shells and looks both traditional and radical at once. No pastels in sight!

Wanna play? What are you feeling gratitude for right this second?

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