Monday, February 21, 2011

Etsy Stories: Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How Does your Garden Grow?

Today our Heroine Mary is working patiently and gently to help the first blooms of Spring push through muck and mire. See the list live on Etsy here.

Mary gets up early in the cool, grey morning, makes a pot of hot spice tea, drinks it down in hot burning swallows and pulls on her Rubber Riding Boots.

She grabs her well worn spade from the potting shed,

and heads into her little patch of green. She digs up weeds and pink wriggling earthworms on her knees until they begin to ache.

Back into the house, she washes the black earth off her hands in a stream down the porcelain sink and dons her favorite Bandana Blouse.

It's drizzling, (as it often does in spring!) so she grabs her favorite Pagoda Umbrella from her collection in the hallway.

She wanders down the sidewalks and pops into an antique shop to admire a charming collection of weatherbeaten watering cans.

But she can't resist the charm of this ample Herb Collecting Basket. On the way home, she stops in at her favorite cafe for a steaming cup of roasted tomato soup and a toasted cheese sandwich.

She peruses the missed connections section of the paper while she savors her warm lunch, and on the way home, visions of ruffled red tulips and papery yellow daffodils fill her head. They'll be blooming any day now.

What are your favorite things for Spring?

1 comment:

IctoRude said...

Don't forget those Spring breezes!
I'm sure Mary likes them too,
as long as they don't fuss her hair much :p

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