Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dudes: Suit up to Man Up!

What the Sartorialist does best is men's fashion. Of course, he's passionate about it, and surrounded by fashion industry types, but more than that, he finds men who aren't afraid to express themselves through clothes. I wish more men understood how unbelievable sexy that kind of confidence is. Take this fellow for example. His look is slouchy, casual, even a bit grungy, but it certainly doesn't look accidental or like his girlfriend picked out his clothes for him. He Owns the Look. (That's what personal style boils down to: Confidence. Sheepishness is never cool.) My favorite part is the tiny bow he's pinned to his lapel. (Less favorite, the homeless man beard. But hey, that's his call to make!)

On a related note, I recently saw this letter in GQ's excellent Style Guy column and loved the reply:

I work at a men's clothing store, and I've noticed that before any major purchase, almost all of my customers tell me they have to come back with their wives or girlfriends to make sure they approve. What's that about?

It's about the sad state of manhood in America. Some would call the male wearers of female-managed wardrobes whipped or de-balled...But anyway you look at it, these men are lost boys. As tots they were dressed for warmth, comfort and durability and were never given the slightest sense of occasion by their parents or the T.V that raised them. When they outgrew the boy uniform, they had no clue what to do. American old-boy culture tends to see aesthetic sensibilities (other than in areas such as automotive) as symptoms of the gay gene... But this is not all the fault of the ladies. Men have willingly abdicated much of their turf, including, frequently the pants.

So Man Up Men! There's nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance and ownership in your wardrobe.

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ArtSnark said...

Fun post. Just reading the latest Esquire mag today which has a huge section on this with some great advice for fashionable dudes

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