Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feathering my Nest with a little help from Momma D and Jonathan Adler

One of my many Christmas gifts from Momma D was this divine Peacock from Jonathan Adler . Doesn't he look swell decked out in nude peacock feathers? The tropical climate and ants conspired to eliminate his utility as lolipop holder, so I ordered feathers instead. (Just as frivolous, don't you agree?) It was hard to stop at just 30 bleached peacock feathers when I saw all the amazing colors and varieties of feathers available at Beary Box. A girl could really go crazy with all that plumage.

Many thanks Momma D! Will you do the honor of naming him for me?


Momma D said...

I kind of like the name Pidge, ryhmes with Midge. Maybe too informal for such a fancy bird. You decide.

Momma D said...

I have reconsidered, I like Chester.

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