Monday, December 06, 2010

The Secret to Living an Adventurous Life: Q & A with Becky Kazana

Agave Trailer by Red Tile Studio

Hi Becky!

I love Etsy and happened to stumble upon your fantastic shop today, which led me to your blog. It is hard to miss that you and your husband have done so much traveling. I was wondering if you had any advice about how to afford to travel both time and money-wise. If you have time, I would love to hear your financial travel tips.

Grad Student in Brooklyn


As far as travel tips, I'm not sure how much help I can offer. There is plenty of budget travel advice out there already- backpacking, hostels, last minute flights and on and on. However, the secret is really prioritizing. Eric and I have made travel, adventure and exploration a priority and keep our lives flexible so that we can take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

There are things we have given up in order to have adventures. We don't own a home because renting leaves us free to leave at a moment's notice. We don't own one single stick of furniture since renting furnished apartments leaves us less to deal with when it's time to pack up. We are far away from family and friends.

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BUT, because of these sacrifices we have been able to take advantage of jobs in far flung places, including Kenya, Uganda, China and Hawaii. When we first began traveling, I thought that eventually we would "come home" and settle down, and that the house, furniture, family would all fall into place. But the more we live this way, the more I realize that those things I thought I wanted just aren't that important to me now. And after living this way for a few years I also feel as if the opportunities will continue to present themselves if we keep searching for them without fear and anxiety.

If you ""Follow your Bliss"" then the path will rise up to meet you in ways you never expected.

Good luck and keep in touch.


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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've enjoyed reading this post and learning more about your life. We all envy you and would love to do what you are doing! What an adventure your life has become! I love your new banner and blog design. I went to the 'let's be friends' section right away! Hugs! ♥

redtilestudio said...

Becky- What a wonderful blog! Thanks for including our trailer print on your blog! I love your birds, especially the clementine and peach one's! Thanks again. I am now a follower!

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