Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsy Portrait: Christmas for Kristin

This Etsy Portrait is for my dear friend Kristin who loves to get her heart rate up, whether she's training for a marathon, sweating through a bikram class or teaching geometry to high school sophmores. She loves bright Hawaiian sunshine (she calls it Vitamin D Therapy), making beautiful beaded jewelery (look for her on Etsy soon!) and a killer batch of caramel corn. Here are some Etsy finds I think she'd love. (See the treasury live on Etsy here!)
This flocked Bead Board would make it easy to plan out her ever more elaborate jewelery designs without committing right away.

This fabulous Bird Watercolor is an original, just like her.
This throwback I-phone cover is the perfect ironic, yet nostalgic nod to her 80's childhood.
This Poster seems like it could be her personal mantra.

This Spicy Cashew Caramel Corn looks heavenly. I love the idea of adding a bit of heat to something so sweet, salty and crunchy.

I love the relaxed, simple look of this Draped Bamboo Top. It would go perfectly with anything in her wardrobe of clean, all American sportswear.

A giant Pleated Carryall in a shocking color with delightful ripples of texture is perfect for a girl who can't seem to leave home without carrying along a few bottles of soda, a couple of apples, some gummy worms, a few books, her i-pod and workout gear. (Key word, GIANT.)

How's your Christmas Shopping coming along? I'm about half way there and loving the internet more and more with each passing day. Crowds, I don't miss you one teeny bit.

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Anonymous said...

You know me so well! I love them all! That would be a great Christmas. I love the poster. I'm going to look into that one. I love you like crazy!


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