Saturday, November 20, 2010

DIY with the Fab Miss B: Mini Lucky Bamboo Plants

Here is a wonderful simple, elegant, easy DIY gift just in time for Christmas. It takes a bit of a head start, which is why I'm posting this tutorial now! Want to play elf with me? You will need:

Glass containers- mine are drinking glasses from the thrift store, costing around .50 cents a piece.
River Rocks- this container of smooth black pebbles from Target was $6.00
A big lucky bamboo plant you can cut starters from, or buy small potted ones.
Clean glass containers you can sprout your starter in.

First, cut snips off the big bamboo plant at the "joint" or knuckle of the bamboo plant. Put the starter in a glass of clean water for 1-2 weeks until you see white roots beginning at the base. I used 3 starters for each of my final gifts.

Put a few river rocks in the base of your container.

Holding the starter plants upright, fill container with rocks around it until the plants are solidly supported.

Add water and perhaps a gift tag with care instructions and you've got a thoughtful, inexpensive gift for a co-worker or hostess.

Care instructions are simple: when water level diminishes, re-fill your lucky bamboo plant. Periodically, you may want to remove plant and stones and wash them thoroughly before repotting and refreshing the water.

Just after I finished shooting this tutorial- a tiny lizard took up residence! Pretty nice digs, huh?

Do you have any great DIY Christmas Gift ideas? I'd love to hear suggestions- thanks to my new job at an elementary school there are a lot of folks on my list this year.


ArtSnark said...

lucky recipients (& cute lizard. thanks for sharing

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love the pic of the little lizard. I really like bamboo.

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