Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Movie Review: The Thin Man

Eric and I just watched "The Thin Man" and I've fallen madly in love with Nick, Nora and their little dog Asta. The plot of the potboiler detective film itself is rather forgettable, but these two sparkle with wit and panache in every scene. Thanks to the luxury of independent wealth, they view all the madness unfurling around them with a detached bemusement that is a joy to behold.

They prance around, sloshing drinks in every scene, wearing outrageous yet sophisticated and expensive looking get ups (check out her diagonally striped bias cut evening dress and tell me if it wouldn't look totally at home on a red carpet today) and send sparks flying with their rapid fire reparte. These two are better than watchable- they are magnetic. You can't take your eyes off 'em. And their little dog is no slouch either. After seeing this movie, I'm definitely considering getting a wire fox terrier someday. It pains me a little to realize these two are works of fiction, so I think I'll just go on believing that these two are alive and well somewhere in New York City and model my life after theirs in every way possible.

Have you watched anything good lately? My Netflix que could do with a bit of rounding out.


Momma D said...

I agree, they had great chemistry. The movie, not so good. Loved Asta.

thealchemist said...

old movies are such a wonderful source of inspiration!

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