Monday, September 06, 2010

Etsy Stories: What if I'm a mermaid?

This etsy story was inspired by the Tori Amos song "Silent All These Years". Check out the collection and music video link live on Etsy here.

Any mermaid would feel right at home in this shimmering Sequin Shell top.

She can gaze at herself in this Sea Urchin Mirror while she combs her waist length hair.

And when her hair is smoothed down, she'll add a simple seashell headband.

Perhaps she'll don this vintage inspired Mermaid Pocketknife Necklace too- comes in handy for removing oysters from their shells at lunch time!

A wildly elegant Sea sponge is the perfect adornment for her walls.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this antique shell souvenier purse?

Shimmering Sea Salt always seems to be a good addition to her cooking.

And every mermaid needs a mother of pearl caviar spoon to savor that most decadent delicacy. (Life under the sea sounds pretty sweet, don't you think?)


Jenni said...

oh this so lovely!!!

Star of the East said...

So lovely put together!
Thanks so much for featuring our sea urchin mirror!

Mary Andrews said...

As you know I am such a Tori fan as well. I cannot thank you enough for the feature and for introducing me to this beautiful new blog I'll get to keep an eye on.


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