Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Annual Autobiographical Mixed CD

My dear friend Jessica introduced me to the concept of the annual Autobiographical mixed cd while we were roommates in Albuquerque, New Mexico eight years ago (EIGHT! Crazy how time flies.)

It's a lovely idea. Each year, she makes a collection of songs that describe her year and sends a copy to all the important people in her life. I've been doing the same thing each year (more or less) ever since. It's a cool way to share your experiences, because music describes things in a way you can't with words alone.

I'm hard at work on this year's edition. So far the playlist goes like this (click to go to youtube):

This year, I'm planning an elaborate companion songbook that will contain all the lyrics. It feels good to meditate on where you've been and think a little about where you are going. And it's very cool to look back at the mixes I've compiled before and discover some important themes. The most important? Living the life you are meant for, and being present in that life. It's something I never stop striving for.

What about you? What song defines your life this year? Why?


Rosemoo said...

I still listen to my spring mix from last year all the time! It's a great selection. :D

Little Mochi said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I think that I will work on one myself.

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