Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day: Salted with Tears or Sweet as Honey?

Do you have any big plans for this weekend? Eric and I are throwing a "Sweet & Salty Party" because Valentine's Day seems to taste a little different to everyone. I asked our guests to bring something sweet and/or salty to share- oh how I wish I could get my hands on a few of those decadent Sea Salt Caramels! I'm making chocolate covered pretzels, bacon wrapped dates and pouring a happy variety of Champagne cocktails. Photos of our big soiree will follow shortly. Wishing you a very happy Valentine's day. Make sure to tell someone you love them.

P.S) Garison Keilor has been sharing famous love letters from history this week. Kafka's are my personal favorites- so forlorn! It's too bad that letter writing is fading from daily life- when it was the only way to communicate it really forced people to be clear and insightful. Have you ever received a great love letter?

1 comment:

Momma D said...

Your party sounds like fun. Have a great time! Love you!!

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